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Data Quality Polls: Troubled domains and what to fix

With which data domain do you have the most quality issues?

As expected, customer data quality remains at the top of list with regard to having the most issues. Ironically, this domain has been at the forefront of the data quality industry since its inception.
One reason for the proliferation of concerns about customer data quality could be its direct link to revenue generation.
Whatever the reason, this poll seems to indicate that services built around the improvement of customer data quality will be well founded.

What would you improve about your data?

Once again there are no surprises when looking at what data improvements are desired. Data owners seem to be interested in a centralized, synchronized, single view of their data, most notably customer.

The good news that can be gathered from these polls is that as an industry, data quality is focused on the right data and the right functionality.  Most data quality solutions are built around the various aspects of customer data quality and ways to improve it so there is a master managed, single version of a customer.  The bad news is we’ve had that focus for quite some time and data owners are still concerned. 

In my opinion, this is due to the nature of customer data.  Customer data is at the core of every business.  It is constantly changing both in definition and scope, it is continuously used in new and complex ways, and it is the most valuable asset that an organization manages.

One thing not openly reflected in these polls is that it is likely that the same issues and concerns that are present in the customer domain are also present in the employee and contact domains.  However, they tend not to “bubble up” to the top of list due to lack of linkage to revenue and profit.

I’d encourage comments and feedback on this post.  If we all weigh in on topics like this, we can all learn something valuable.  Please let me know your thoughts on the poll results, my interpretation of the results and opinions.


2 responses to “Data Quality Polls: Troubled domains and what to fix

  1. tonia March 29, 2011 at 4:11 pm

    I’d be curious to see if these distributions hold with a larger sample size, in particular for the survey regarding what the respondent would do to improve data. While 7 respondents may get us a directly correct answer, I wonder what industry those respondents were in, how long they’d been in data management, etc and how that might affect the answers.

    I believe that a larger sample size segmented by industry (ie retail vs manufacturing vs consultancy, etc) would give us a much deeper insight into what people are thinking in regards to data quality this year.

    • William Sharp March 30, 2011 at 2:46 am

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting on the post! I agree with your statement. I feel if we had more participants, we could be more confident of the results. I tried to promote the poll as often as possible but it did not generate the response that I’d hoped.
      However, I am not surprised that data owners are most concerned with customer/client data quality. The customer domain is so close to revenue and core to business operations, that without high quality customer data quality an organization is more likely to fail.
      Perhaps I’ll poll again soon and get more responses?
      Thanks again

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