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Follow Friday (#ff): One of my favorite days of the tweek!


Not that any of us needed another reason to thank God it’s Friday, but I feel there is one more!  I am referring to Follow Friday (#ff) on Twitter.  If you have read my previous post on the value of good networking tools, you already know I am a fan of Twitter.

Follow Friday, for those of you that are not Twitter users, is an event that occurs each Friday on Twitter where Tweeps (twitter users) recommend their favorite colleagues to their followers. It’s done by using the hash-tag #ff along with, at a minimum, the users account name.  I usually try to provide an explanation of why I think the person is a candidate to follow so others can form a somewhat educated decision on whether or not to also follow that person. 

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Twapplying Follow Friday

I can imagine for those who have not done this before, I might as well be speaking Latin.  So here is an example of a typical follow Friday mention:

#ff @ocdqblog, @hlsdk for insight on #dataquality & #blogging that’s topical, interesting and acquired from years of experience!

In this tweet, or Twitter update, I sent the message to my Twitter followers that I think they should follow fellow Twitter twitters @ocdqblog and @hlsdk because I think they are good writers in the areas of data quality and blogging.

Twhy I Love Twit

Follow Friday is a favorite of mine because it provides the opportunity to let those you follow know that you appreciate them.  In addition, you get to find other Tweeps you might also appreciate and learn from. 

In the era of social media, follow Friday is a virtual party where you get introduced to all your friend’s friends.  What more can you ask for?  It might just put the social in social media?

That’s a Twrap!

No big grand theory of everything here.  After all it is Friday!  Just a quick quip on why I love Follow Fridays on Twitter.  If you are on Twitter, use today to show your appreciation. If you’re not on Twitter, get with it.  Catch the “140 bug” and start tweeting with tweeps and #followfriday each week!  Look me up at @dqchronicle and I’ll be your BFFF (best follow Friday friend)!

Have a great tweekend!