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Twitter Follow Friday Listing

Each week on Twitter there is a practice where people recommed others to follow.  It’s commonly referred to as follow Friday and is usually represented with the hash tag #ff. 

In a effort to make sure that I don’t leave anyone out and to reduce the time it takes to share all of those I feel are worthy of following I have put together this page.  Instead of tweeting tweeters, I’ll tweet this link.

 Tweeters to follow

#FF @ocdqblog @dataqualitypro @JackieMRoberts @hlsdk @GarnieBolling @merv @vishagashe @williammcknight

#FF @stevetuck @jilldyche @ichong @infacloud @dqchronicle @tfunasaki @jschwa1 @bitterer

#FF @CHBoorman @dcervo @IBMInitiate @Experian_QAS @mktginsightguy @serviceobjects @ted_friedman @fionamacd

#FF @daraghobrien @edbott @rbkarel @stiebke @WinstonChen @DarioBezzina @BackFromRed @MikeTril

#FF @alexej_freund @KellyLautt @Claudia_Imhoff @INFATraining @jeunice @fscavo @CRMLarry

#FF @emccorp @jhammond @Teresacottam @sogrady @IDResolution @enderle @AscendoSoft @jamie_oliver

#FF @dan_power @mllyssa @GStephanopoulos @INFAKnowledge @cote @SarahBurnett @DataFlux

#FF @tedlouie @DecisionStats @johnrrymer @elc @murnane @Informatica_URG @renroy

#FF @Ravi_Shankar_ @bslarkin @JuliannaD @EMC_C @BaselineConsult @datamartist @InformaticaCorp @RamonChen

#FF @theroadtoDQ @khqa @monkchips @sanjayguptaCNN @craigmullins @openmethodology @gartenberg

#FF @marcusborba @JoeDosSantos @stevesarsfield @KenOConnorData @utopiainc @iaidq @mikeferguson1 @OPENForum

#FF @jaimefitzgerald @datamatters @analyticbits @CharlesBurleigh @davidfriedman11 @andrewsinfotech @adamloving @BillGates

#FF @omathurin @donalddotfarmer @philsimon2 @datachick @mette @LorainLawson @Nick_Giuliano @dataquality

#FF @INFAIM @LoraineLawson @grahamrhind @Initiate @philsimon @Jaspersoft @RobPaller @infaarf

#FF @joearf @AKelly_Fans @Pentaho @markgoloboy @danholke @alastair_mck

#FF @smartdataco @charlesblyth @JohnIMM @edspaeny @sheezaredhead @GartnerTedF @Daryl70 @DataIntegrate

#FF @eanglo @RobertsPaige @btgist @dcunni @mattdempseycom @BigDaddyData


3 responses to “Twitter Follow Friday Listing

  1. Rich Murnane February 25, 2011 at 4:28 pm

    Hey DQChronicle, thank you very much for including me! Best…Rich @Murnane

    • William Sharp February 25, 2011 at 6:32 pm

      You are quite welcome!

  2. Teresa Cottam February 27, 2011 at 6:02 pm

    #ff can get quite monotonous and quite time consuming – having a post of #ff is a good idea though. I find the follow friday helper quite handy ( you might like to check it out. What we’ve found in BSSOSS is that by creating a good list then people who are interested can just follow the list and the people on it. It does help to introduce the noobs though so they can get started so that’s where the #ff is great.


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